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36x22 Horizontal Outfield Distance Signs

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The 36x22 inch Horizontal Outfield Distance Signs are indispensable components in baseball and softball fields, crucial for both players and spectators. These signs are designed to provide accurate and easily discernible information about the outfield distances in feet. With their substantial dimensions of 36x22 inches, these signs are highly visible, making it easier for outfielders to gauge the depth of the field quickly. Their horizontal orientation allows them to be affixed to outfield fences or walls without obstructing the view of the game for fans. These signs often feature bold, legible text and graphics, ensuring that players can make properly informed decisions during play. Crafted from durable materials, these signs can withstand the rigours of outdoor conditions, ensuring their longevity and functionality. It is also essential tools for both players and coaches, aiding in strategy and decision making, while also enhancing the aesthetics of the sports facility.

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