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  1. buggy item again .. close game when trying to remove it inventory can someone remove it me or fix bug? https://prntscr.com/12tqzkv
  2. I'm glad to know that. I was afraid to dedicate myself to the game and the server would close, you should spread the word about other sites
  3. Novos itens de bug, impossíveis de usar, novos estilos de cabelo estão cheios de erros, a imagem é preta (apenas classe Alquimist, Thief and Monge) Imprimir Imagem >> https://imageupload.io/2NeZn3qPwn.i
  4. I dropped the healing staff from Anubis. however when opening inventory of the error screen ... item does not show image, your tries to use item screen game closes. if they can't fix a bug. please remove items to get rid of weight https://imageupload.io/ItqzrN4O31.i << link Image
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