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  1. hey guys i had a break from ro but seeing this server is still alive i will come back, how you guys doing?
  2. Dinaria

    Patch Notes: 2021-06-08

    thanks for the patch i hope more stuff is about to come in the future
  3. Update: The Guild Name is Backdoor not Progenies Infernalis, it has changed!
  4. Hello Dear PornRo Players. Progenies Infernalis is Looking for new members to bring life in this Server, everyone is welcome. Also Need someone who can put an Emblem in there i just cant do it for some reason. Stay Kinky
  5. Thank you so much Akkarin it worked!! i hope this is an ok place to post this sorry for the Troubles im not very good on those Things, thanks again
  6. hey, my character just got stuck and i cant log in anymore…. i was Talking to an npc in payon called maroll battle recruiter, she asked me if i wanna join the battle so i said yes and then an error came… and i cant log back in with that character… please help character is Named Menardi if that helps...
  7. huhu where did you find it? i cant find any discord
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