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  1. Akkarin

    Patch Notes: 2021-09-14

    Just a small update this week; Core Added an additional safeguard to equipment index (#6241). Added an error message to openmail (#6243). Fixed an issue with RODEX's retrieve all (#6245). NPC name as parameter in enablenpc (#6233). Adds support for Level field in ItemCost (#5268). Pet autofeed config fix (#6249). Clean-up the npc_enable_target function (#6248). Updated Skill DB Version. NPC & Database Synced mobs and effects from divine pride (Renewal Mobs) (#6244)
  2. Akkarin

    Patch Notes: 2021-09-07

    Just a few updates for this week, mostly focusing on Camila and Kamora for costumes. Modified Maintenance Waiting Room NPC text to just Tuesday for better understanding. Reputation Quest DB. Added NPC for Quest Storage 2. Modified bits for Storage control. Updates to upcoming reputation system. Positioned all four Quest Storage NPCs. Corrected script for some item (#6203). Given Kamora dye options for Pajamas Hat, Polar Bear Cap, Beanie, Beret and Bongun Hat. Rolled back Dead Branch and Bloody Branch to match Ep 11.3. Reduced available MobID in Disguise Event by 300 to combat disguising as mobs that should not exist in Ep 11.3. Halloween event scripts. Added 8 new costume hats to Camila. Added new headgear "Facial".
  3. Akkarin

    Patch Notes: 2021-08-31

    Core Resolves players warping to freed maps resulting in a crash. Clear out the instance_id from mapdata when clearing. Resolves a map crash from an equipment lookup. Remove delayed consumption when switching types. Fixes skill cooldown adjustment from items. Fixed minimum version of quest database. Fixes assignment of group None in the achievement database. Fixes another possible crash with atcommand time. mob_chat_db txt to yml. whodrops should respect drop_rate0item. Display more info on the location of the deprecated constant. Converted exp_homun database to yaml. Converted mob_boss to yaml. Fixed Assumptio increased healing. Converted create_arrow_db.txt to YAML. Fixed some inconsistent behaviors between normal and premium storages. Fix hasnext page in search stores. Fixed an issue with status reset. Converted statpoint.txt to YAML. Converted castle_db.txt to YAML. Fixed atcommand accinfo. Added missing cap for default value for AttackDelay and AttackMotion. Converted txt guild experience database to yaml. Converted item group database to YAML. Fixed some issues with refine UI. Updated Attendance DB to include September. NPC & Database Removed an extra variable assignment in quests_alberta.txt. Added missing quests log in quests_rachel.txt. Corrected the quests log in quests_amatsu.txt. Fixes typos in archer_skills.txt. Fixes a possible quest log mistake. Commented wrong quests log in ayothaya quest. Quest log corrections in quests_lighthalzen.txt. Added quest log for turtle island quest. Temporarily disabled Priest Mercs. Update to follow. Blacksmith Blessing has been added to the Cash Shop for use in refining. Kamora in Caspen will dye the following custom Costume Headgears: Costume Flapping Angel Wings (ID:19596) Costume Wandering Wolf Hat (ID:19598) Costume Valkyrie Helm (ID:37014) Costume Gentleman Fez (ID:37370) More will be added once you've tested the crap out of the new NPC. Added 5 new custom Dyestuffs that can be created by talking to Java Dullihan. Client Updated Attendance DB to include September
  4. Akkarin

    Wanted: Creativity

    For some time now, the development of Lust has continued behind the scenes in a purely technical capacity. What does this mean? Well, new features and functions have been developed which enables the game to have more content for daily play, seasonal quests, storylines, etc, but no actual game content has been added for quite a while. No new quests, no storylines, just back-end functions ready for someone creative to come up with something. This is where you guys come in. I'm looking for someone with at least 3 brain cells that can spend a day or two playing around on the beta server looking for improvements, and then spend the rest of their life coming up with content in the form of ideas and creative writing that can be used/added in the future. Using the public Trello board for inspiration is a good place to start, as that's where all the available in-game systems are detailed before they're launched. As it stands, the game itself is playable but you'll run out of things to do as there's not enough content. I need to change that, but being creatively challenged, it's not something I can do on my own. Think you're dark-minded enough? Hop on over to the Staff Applications page and let me know you're interested!
  5. Akkarin

    Patch Notes: 2021-06-08

    There have only been a few changes in the last couple of weeks; Attendance Rewards updated (better late than never..) The 50% Overweight status icon has been put back. The Renewal client we use displays the 70% as it's a Renewal Mechanic, but the server still uses the 50% value. The Scheduled Maintenance Announcement script has had a little toggle implemented which will allow players to know if maintenance will be going ahead on a week by week basis. An NPC will appear in Prontera and Caspen shortly.
  6. until
    At 11am Server Time every Tuesday pRO will go offline for routine updates. A connection may be obtained to the game server before 12pm, in which case the maintenance period has finished early. Patch Notes are posted to the Announcement area upon completion.
  7. Akkarin

    Patch Notes: 2021-05-11

    The following information describes the changes made today that affect the game's mechanics. Max Base Level has increased from 99 to 250 for Transcendent Classes. 1st and 2nd Job Classes will remain at 99. Rates have increased: Base and Job EXP have increased to 200x Drop rates for Common, Healable, Equips and Extras have increased to 100x VIP Rates have also increased: Base and Job EXP have increased to 250x Drop rates for Common, Healable, Equips and Extras have increased to 130x Max Parameters have increased from 99 to 150 for Transcendent Classes. As mentioned in the initial announcement, I said it would be re-assessed. Max ASPD will increase from 198 to 199. Congrats, game mechanics are now unbalanced. All this because some of you wanted to solo MvPs and then wouldn't shut up about it. Other Changes Camilla has been rewritten and optimised, shortening the code by almost 50%. Added a Player Housing instance. Purchase your House Keys in Caspen. Info on website soon. Positioned Sister Vic in prt_church,184,15 for players to buy the new priest merc. Take note of item desc!!! Moved the Prontera Castle Flags to north of the central area. Removed the Rate Change channel announce. Reorganised @rates so the text fits nicely without needing to wrap. Note: There will be no Scheduled Maintenance next Tuesday (18th May).
  8. Akkarin

    Upcoming Rate Changes 11th May

    I max all 6 stats at 110 at Base Level 199. If we increase this then alterations to InstaCast and ASPD will need to take place, which basically negates the point of making the changes in the first place. No.
  9. So, as you've all decided to turn this Low Rate server into a High Rate, the following will change on Tuesday 11th May. Max Base Level will increase from 99 to 250 for Transcendent Classes. 1st and 2nd Job will remain at 99. Rates will also increase: Base and Job EXP will increase to 200x Drop rates for Common, Healable, Equips and Extras will increase to 100x VIP Rates will also increase: Base and Job EXP will increase to 250x Drop rates for Common, Healable, Equips and Extras will increase to 130x Max Parameters will increase from 99 to 110 for Transcendent Classes. This can be re-assessed in the future. Max ASPD will increase from 198 to 199. Things that won't change: Cards for common and MvP will remain at 50x. This is the trade-off for increasing everything. InstaCast will remain at 150 Dex. There may well be other changes that will occur on Tuesday - you can see what's coming up by keeping an eye on the #pornro-commit-messages channel on Discord. Please also note that there will be no scheduled maintenance for Tuesday 18th May.
  10. Akkarin

    Patch Notes: 2021-05-04

    NPC/Script Changes Duplicated castle manager to Prontera. Fixed Moscovia and re-enabled warp. Installed mapflags to prevent dead branches from being used in Caspen. Enabled both Seiyablem and Leablem Socket Enchant NPCs. Guild Storage management NPCs. Guild Master's dialogue has been re-organised to better fit the window. Re-introduced the Guild Storage skill to Pre-RE. The skill itself is still under tests. Fixed potential crash on BG queue. Added Smith (casp_in01,178,276) to turn 1 Emperium into 5 Emperium Shards. Loaded the Camilla script for costume headgears. Enabled King of Prontera quests for Grand Circlet and Excalibur. Added more itemlink code to Camilla. An automated announcement will now be made for scheduled maintenance. Set to go off at specific times on Tuesday mornings. The announcement colours gradually turn from green to red as 11am approaches. Various mapflags applied to the Poring Catcher map. They no longer drop items. They don't give EXP. You can no longer open a chatroom or vend on the map. Some of the automated event scripts no longer announce globally, instead they use the #events channel. DB Changes Corrected price overrides for Quivers. Updated for May's Attendance. Finalised updates to Locked Treasure Box. Patch released for item description. Added Fur (6020) as a drop to Wolf (1013). Changed UNITTEST7 from Merch to Rogue for use with Camilla. Added base Buy: price to costumes to stop the mapserver screaming at me. Merged Costume Flapping Angel Wing and Costume Elven Ears from RE to Pre-RE DB. Set Weight to 0 for Treasure Box, Key and Emperium Shards. Reduced respawn time on Ant Eggs in Anthell from 1min to 3sec. Client Changes New client (3.7) uses an increased headgear/costume view_id limit from 2,000 to 32,000. Fixed glitches with various Mage class AoE skills.
  11. Akkarin

    Your voice needs to be heard!

    There is currently a vote on the forums regarding our mechanics and max levels, rates, etc. Please ensure that your voice is heard! Visit the forums using the link in the patcher or on Discord.
  12. Akkarin

    Patch Notes: 2021-04-27

    Apologies for the lengthy downtime today! NPC/Script Changes The Level-Gap for Party Share EXP has been increased from 15 to 25. Added a small PVP area with utility NPCs, access via PVP Warper in Caspen and Prontera. Added utility NPCs to Caspen. Added Server's Current Time NPCs to Prontera and Caspen. Implemented Caspen's warps and mapflags. Minor grammar errors fixed in Settings NPC. Created an NPC script to trade Ori and Elu for Enriched versions Located in ein_in01,202,14. Requires 1 Gold, 1 Elunium/Oridecon and 200,000z. Re-added Moscovia back to @go and Warper. Added @go 26/ @go caspen and correct spawn location. Added NPC for Card Compactor event script. This will go live on Thursday. Disabled default Dye Maker - now using our own. You will need Dyes to make alternate versions of the new costume items. Added lottery script, auto-runs at 20:45 on Thursdays. @storage changes Enabled 4 Quest Storage and VIP Storage, quest is now in Caspen. The @storage command doesn't give you a menu if you haven't obtained any Quest Storage. The option for VIP storage is only available after you gain access to Quest Storage 1. If you lose VIP status you can still take items out of this storage but can no longer drop items into it. The Prontera Tool Dealer now sells Alchemist and Blacksmith tools. Weapon Dealer in Prontera now sells various Quivers priced at 1,200z each. A new WoE Manager NPC has been placed in Prontera that displays which castles are active. The vote on the forums called for the times to remain the same but add another castle. So pay_cas02 will also be active. Castles will no longer rotate/fake-rotate every-other Sunday. DB Changes Fixed incorrect wing weight 100 -> 10. Cash Shop price for Treasure Key increased from 10 to 50. 100 was way too much. This price will not be changing again any time soon. Fixed the View_ID on custom Valkyrie Helm. Adding 120 new costumes. The NPC for these will go live in Caspen on Thursday. Reduced number of mobs that are spawned in Niflheim and removed the built-in Invasion script. Reduced the number of Hunter Fly and Familiar on lower-level dungeon maps. Removed hateful Mimic from all floors in Morocc Pyramid Dungeon. Reduced number of Kasa spawning in thor_v01. Increased drop rate of all usable, equip and etc items to 20x. Monsters now drop Zeny. It's not large enough to cause an imbalance, but we'll review in a week. Client Changes Various item sprites have been patched over the last week. Card BMPs have been.. Porn-ified. Female Paladin on a Peco is now completely naked. Other classes have lost various garments which will be reflected on the website shortly after this patch notice goes live. Web Changes Buying CashPoints no longer has the description "PornRO", it's now just "pRO Credits". The issue with automated CashPoints/VIP has been resolved. You now get them automatically within 5 minutes of completing the transaction.
  13. Akkarin

    Patch Notes: 2021-04-20

    There's been quite a few surprises lately. The next is that Scheduled Maintenance is back to it's original schedule (partially my fault that no one realised, and partially everyone else's fault for not reading the forums) Client Changes 127 Hair Colours! Palette Offsets, because security. 700 Clothing Dyes! Remove cutin from Stylist. It doesn't match. NPC/DB Changes Settings NPC to control what autocommands you use when you login. NPC script for controlling Increased EXP and Drop Rate Events. Temporarily reduced the price of Locked Treasure Keys. Resolved issues with @go command. Removed @professions command, since we don't need it just yet. Split the custom Item DB into multiple files for easy viewing and editing. Fixed mob drop index calculation. Fixed pet eggs in the cashshop (if we ever put them in there). Fixed wrong node name access for pet db. Disables costumes on GvG maps. Added a check for required inventory slots. Resolved an issue with starting maps. Updated some mapflags for custom maps. Website Changes You may have noticed that the patcher now displays the patch notes in human readable format. Huzzah! (fucking rss feeds..) The page detailing available @commands has been given some TLC: https://porn-ro.com/info/commands/
  14. Akkarin

    Patch Notes: 2021-04-14

    So, quite a lot has occured over the last week, resulting in some rather large patches. The following lists as many of the PornRO changes as I could remember to write down before I lost some of my post-it notes! Script/NPC Changes Modified savepoint for all Kafras enabled in our server. They now match up with the warper's landing coordinates. @command modifications: @go has been enabled for normal player accounts. @go locations match with the warper's landing coordinates. Enabled @storage which will only open storage_1 (there is a quest in Caspen to have 4 storages). If you're VIP you will get a menu asking which storage you want to open. Modified NPC locations of Dr. Phloss and the Warper in every map they exist in. Added a Kafra to Hugel and other town maps that officially only have Cool Event Corp reps. Warper now allows you to select which dungeon floor or field you want to go to. Archer Village added as a separate warp location under the "Specials" warper menu. Added Card Remover (Wise Old Woman) Location 1; Payon next to the Tool Dealer (west of warper spawn). Location 2; Inside Hollgrehenn's building in Prontera. 100% success rate. Costs Zeny plus 1 Star Crumb and 1 Yellow Gemstone per item decarded. Attendance System is now available and will change monthly. Details can be found on the website. Cart/Falcon NPC now exists in Prontera. Prontera's Platinum Skills NPC is now facing the correct direction. Plagiarism NPC has been given a facelift and moved slightly. Updated Locked Treasure Box with actual items. Client Changes Increased chat size limit from 70 to 234 Main/Battle chat bar & windows. Chat Room chat bar & window. Added Attendance System. Hidden SNS and Tipbox Buttons. Hidden the generally useless Map button. Prontera has been given a facelift. Through some secret black magic, some of the NPCs in towns have been given wings. Updated Battleground tip text and available options in preparation for future updates. Client now opens the computer's default web browser when clicking on an item's ID in the description. Web Changes Discord link has now been added to the page footer. Attendance System now has a page that lists what's on offer Page: https://porn-ro.com/info/attendance/ Updated TinyMCE package to version 5 where appropriate. Fixed random homepage errors where "Latest News" lives. Online Peak now records and displays correctly. There are a vast number of changes introduced by rAthena which are not covered here, because they don't directly reflect gameplay.
  15. Akkarin

    Database Overhaul

    All of our databases have now been brought upto date with rAthena's framework conversion from csv flatfiles to YAML data tables. What does this mean for you guys? Essentially, quicker edits and bug tracking. What does it mean for the server itself? Lots! The formation conversion aids several areas for behind-the-scenes, with the most prominent being the creation of new goodies! Custom items and mobs can now be added to our databases at a much quicker rate with less chance to introduce new bugs, which is good for everyone, right?! I've written a nice set of script-based tools that will further cut down the time it takes to create mobs and items, too.
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