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    Player Avatars

    Since the beginning of Lust's development players have had the opportunity to choose a class. This has now all changed. Prior to the update there used to be 12 different classes available for players to choose from, which could be changed at any time by the player. These classes has specific stat boosts and through early testing of the game they worked well enough. A player could choose a particular class based on the equipment they're wearing, for example some heavy armour would provide a boost to Power and Endurance, so a player could switch to a class that provides Intelligence and/or Agility in order to give themselves some well-rounded stats. During testing of the Arena battling system, this was deemed to provide players with an unfair advantage. After the update, all players are now known simply as an "Entity" that exists in the Underworld. For this reason, Avatars have been introduced for some practical customisation. They are selectable from the Settings Cog at the bottom of the Main Menu and will display in the player HUD, the Arena, Demon Mail, Notifications and Trade screens. Basically, anywhere that a player's name is shown, the chosen avatar will also be displayed. The exception to this is the High Scores Appendices in the Book of Lore. There are currently 10 to choose to from, with plans to expand the selection in the future.
  2. Akkarin

    First Preview

    Format undecided.
  3. Format undecided.
  4. until
    At 9pm Server Time every Tuesday pRO will go offline for routine updates. A connection may be obtained to the game server before 10pm, in which case the maintenance period has finished early. Patch Notes are posted to the Announcement area upon completion.
  5. Further to our update yesterday regarding our re-brand and social media platform updates, we've now got our Twitch channel set up and ready to go! While our various games are in development, it's an ideal time for us to host some live Q&A's, Bug Fix Streams and make some live scheduled announcements. While a calendar is being curated for this content you may see random changes to the forums and our website that will reflect these upcoming events. We're very excited about the upcoming release of Lust, our browser-based PPBG MMO that has been in the works for far too long! The other project that is nearing it's release date is the Alchemy Series. The first game in this project group is called Torturous Tinctures and is a physical board game. Several other titles in the Alchemy Series are also in the pipeline and will each be released roughly 4 months after the prior release. Very exciting times are ahead!
  6. Odd - they look like palette issues. If it was the hairstyle itself then the character would have no head.. Do you have a list of broken hair ID's from the Stylist? I could check the database but there's no guarantee you've still got the same style and colour
  7. As you may have noticed (or not?) the main Industrial-Illusions website has been re-branded, this time geared more towards our gaming network than our other projects. Our social media platforms Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram have also had a facelift with our new branding where appropriate. We know they're still a little empty, but bare with us! We'll be flooding (in an acceptable manner) our social media platforms with the upcoming release information for our browser game - Lust, the development of our MMO - Therm, and the ever evolving production state of our board games in the Alchemy Series, beginning with Torturous Tinctures.
  8. Akkarin

    The Player Keyring

    Why do I need keys? It's a digital game! What is the Player Keyring? The Player Keyring (which is more of a.. cabinet..) is where the player keeps their keys. The box that displays your keys is located on the main Player Profile page (home). Types of Keys There are currently 8 keys in total that unlock a variety of locks. Most have a specific lock they can unlock, granting the player access to additional areas of the game. At the time of typing this, 1 of those keys is tradeable, but more on that in another announcement. Where can I find them? Of the 8 keys currently available, 7 can be obtained as rewards for completing guests in the Main Progression quest line. 1 will be gifted to the player via a redeemable code available on our social network accounts shortly after game launch. A new key will be introduced further down the line that is only available to players who subscribe to the VIP plan. Details are still yet to be worked out on this, so, essentially, you can ignore the fact that it exists until there's a way of obtaining it. P.S. Apologies for the delay in announcements - I'm currently about 3 weeks behind but I'll catch up before launch date!
  9. Akkarin

    Book of Lore

    The Book of Lore's history is a turbulent one. Initially it was the name given to the wiki, but after reflection that didn't seem to make much sense. So we made it a book that you could open from within the game UI. So what does it do? When you first open the book you are presented with the contents page. Clicking the links will take you to the relevant chapters that contain various information. Achievements A complete list of achievements are available for players to sift through, giving you the ability to easily plan your next goal. Everything in the Book of Lore is searchable too, which means all you'd need is just a little part of the name or description and you can drill-down the results that way. This list does not display your personal achievements - they are listed through their own page. Items Items are a huge deal with any game. The Items chapter is live database data, and again, completely searchable, allowing you to find what you need. Additional item related data will be added on an as-and-when basis e.g. average buy/sell price, description, stats, etc. Quests The hugeness of the Quests framework is mostly ignored from the front-end of Lust. Even the Book of Lore only mentions sparse details about each quest. But the Quest DB is searchable! High Scores At the time of writing this announcement, the High Scores chapter only lists players by level and displays their Player Name (with a link to their profile) and when their last action was. So much more information will be added to this little gem of a tool, aiding your playing experience so you can spend more time having fun and spend less time trying to figure out what to do next!
  10. Akkarin

    Generic Updates

  11. Akkarin

    Recent Updates

    Screenshots of recently updated UI controls and/or elements.
  12. Akkarin

    Patch Notes: 2020-12-14

    A big thank you goes out to a member of our little community this evening; thank you Aina! With Aina's help, PornRO has added a few more pixels of nakedness to our patcher. The Class Info page has also been re-written so it's: Easier to read Automatically updating to reflect live in-game sprites All in all, a good day's work! If you have, or know of someone that has any of the class sprites that we are yet to undress, please do get in touch. I'm happy to reward CashPoints for Pixels! Grab my attention in our Discord server or send in a Support Ticket and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  13. Akkarin

    Quest System

    The Quest System has finally arrived, bringing with it a sense of progression and achievement (and actual achievements). What could be more satisfying than seeing which number Quest you're currently working on and comparing that to the Quest that other players are on? Quest Types Main Progression Random Quests Seasonal Quests Main Progression The Main Progression quest line is how you evaluate your progression through the game. While Lust is not specifically intended to have a linear style of gameplay, the Main Progression quest line keeps your character development semi-on-track. There is no requirement to complete quests and you're capable of playing Lust without intentionally completing a single one, though you will out on the rewards! Currently there are 25 Main Progression quests in the database, which will increase to between 250 and 300 just before Lust's General Availability in February 2021. Random Quests There are currently 10 different "Random Quests" that appear at random, randomly. It's far less confusing than that - Along with your player's Main Progression Quest, you will also have a Random Quest active at the same time. When you complete the Random Quest (for example, by using an item that you're asked for) then the quest will complete, you will get your reward, a notification will appear in your notifications list, then you will be given another Random Quest from the the quest table. The formula for which quest you're given is: $quest_next_query = $mysqli->query("SELECT * FROM `quests` WHERE `quest_group` = 'random'"); $qarray = array(); while($qd = $quest_next_query->fetch_assoc()){ array_push($qarray, $qd['quest_id']); } $count_in_array = count($qarray); $quest_to_give = $qarray[rand(1, $count_in_array) - 1]; For the non-tech players, this basically builds an array of available Random Quests, counts how many there are, then selects one purely at random. Seasonal Quests The Seasonal Quests are quite literally just that. They are only available during specific times of the year. The current Seasonal Quest sets available are: Valentine's Day Spring Equinox Summer Solstice Samhain/Halloween Winter Solstice/Christmas More Seasonal Quests will be added as time goes on.
  14. Akkarin

    Patch Notes: 2020-12-12

    The new patch uploaded today contains a modification for our game client which fixes the following: Character Deletion When attempting to delete a character, the waiting time required was several months instead of the server-setting of 24 hours. This has now been patched to allow players to delete their characters within 30 minutes. The textbox that asks you to put in the deletion password now reads "Please enter the account email address.", as we use the account's email address rather than birthdate for delete verification. It's just a small change for today, but every little helps!
  15. Akkarin

    Feature Showcase

    New features can be seen in this album.
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