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    Core Resolves players warping to freed maps resulting in a crash. Clear out the instance_id from mapdata when clearing. Resolves a map crash from an equipment lookup. Remove delayed consumption when switching types. Fixes skill cooldown adjustment from items. Fixed minimum version of quest database. Fixes assignment of group None in the achievement database. Fixes another possible crash with atcommand time. mob_chat_db txt to yml. whodrops should respect drop_rate0item. Display more info on the location of the deprecated constant. Converted exp_homun database to yaml. Converted mob_boss to yaml. Fixed Assumptio increased healing. Converted create_arrow_db.txt to YAML. Fixed some inconsistent behaviors between normal and premium storages. Fix hasnext page in search stores. Fixed an issue with status reset. Converted statpoint.txt to YAML. Converted castle_db.txt to YAML. Fixed atcommand accinfo. Added missing cap for default value for AttackDelay and AttackMotion. Converted txt guild experience database to yaml. Converted item group database to YAML. Fixed some issues with refine UI. Updated Attendance DB to include September. NPC & Database Removed an extra variable assignment in quests_alberta.txt. Added missing quests log in quests_rachel.txt. Corrected the quests log in quests_amatsu.txt. Fixes typos in archer_skills.txt. Fixes a possible quest log mistake. Commented wrong quests log in ayothaya quest. Quest log corrections in quests_lighthalzen.txt. Added quest log for turtle island quest. Temporarily disabled Priest Mercs. Update to follow. Blacksmith Blessing has been added to the Cash Shop for use in refining. Kamora in Caspen will dye the following custom Costume Headgears: Costume Flapping Angel Wings (ID:19596) Costume Wandering Wolf Hat (ID:19598) Costume Valkyrie Helm (ID:37014) Costume Gentleman Fez (ID:37370) More will be added once you've tested the crap out of the new NPC. Added 5 new custom Dyestuffs that can be created by talking to Java Dullihan. Client Updated Attendance DB to include September
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