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  2. Akkarin

    Regular Updates

    We've been making some amazing progress on the development of Lust over the last several weeks. Having a look at our Trello activity bar, you can see there's barely any time to sleep! Speaking of Trello, you'll also find a new card list: Regular Updates Schedule. You, like us, can use this list as a timeline for content releases, so you always know what's just around the corner. As with most online games nowadays, the "Regular Maintenance & Updates" schedule and subsequent posts are well-known. We're also going to be following this pattern; every Friday, starting today. This first update period is more informational than content inspired. Every Friday for the foreseeable future, an announcement post will be made on Lust's forums, which will also be posted to I-I's and Lust's Facebook page and Twitter accounts. They will be concise and only contain the relevant information to that content update. Additional information can be found on Trello, or unless otherwise stated you can find the information in the in-game codex "Book of Lore", which will have it's own content update post in the coming weeks. This is a huge step towards the game being pushed into General Availability (scheduled for the 5th February 2021) which makes us very excited indeed!
  3. Akkarin

    Patch Notes: 2020-11-24

    Some huge updates have occurred today! The following is a list that briefly outlines updates to our codebase: Generic rAthena Updates: Fixed an issue with fake NPCs Cleanup of MVP mode checking Added penalty for MVP exp and MVP drops, removed penalty support for monster classes Fixed item job restrictions Fixed missing dummy item after reloading Fixed headgears for autotraders PornRO Specific Updates: Reimplementation of itemlink script command Adding auto-update script NPC Reposition for Evo Sandbox instance Removed World Boss scripts Added items to the cash shop Updated ~200 item and monster sprites to further combat resource errors Cleanup of login scripts Added Christmas Event script, will be enabled on 6th December Before I took the server offline, I logged-in to grab a screenshot of our uptime. I'd say that's pretty impressive!
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  5. Akkarin

    Maintenance: 24th Nov 2020

    The next planned maintenance period for PornRO will take place at 9pm Server-Time on Tuesday 24th November 2020. A multitude of updates will be implemented server-side, including our Christmas Event (I know how you all hated not having something special for Halloween!) along with various code fixes. This will also give us the opportunity to implement a new automatic update mechanism that I've been working on. The downside to that is that we will have more maintenance periods - the upside is that it'll be regular every other week, like clockwork. This maintenance period is expected to take upto 2 hours - please accept my apologies if this interrupts your usual schedule.
  6. Akkarin

    Patch Notes: 2020-11-17

    It's been several months since PornRO has had any TLC on it's client files, and with a large number of Support Tickets mounting up regarding missing resources, it was about damned time something was done about it! 14 tickets have been resolved which cover a whopping 83 broken items. They're all fixed as of the recently released patch There are also 17 monsters in those tickets that had missing or incorrect sprites. They're fixed too The code to stop World Boss monsters from spawning in silly locations has also been fixed The patcher has also had the Forum button changed to point to these new forums, and a few of the button sprites have lost their clothes! All in all, a reasonable patch update
  7. Akkarin

    Trello Activity

    While we've been working hard on developing the game's framework, we're also been working hard on making sure everything is catalogued. The easiest way to do this is by using Trello! Trello is an amazing website that allows us to keep everything organised. Split into six different columns (called lists) we're able to update the cards with checklists, images, link git commits, attach files, etc so everything is neat and tidy. Here's a list of the... lists.. and their purpose: New Features - Any new ideas for the game or planned maintenance starts in this list for discussion and fleshing out the details. In-Progress - This list is a comprehensive.. list.. of all mechanics and frameworks that are being worked on. This can be graphical or codebase. Fine Tuning - This list is designed for codebase changes. Cards in this list are in need of some small updates in order to tweak a mechanic. UI Clean-Ups - Graphical enhancements end up in here after they've been through the first and second lists. Cards stay in this list until they're pixel-perfect. Done - Cards that are completed end up in the done pile. Pretty self-explanatory! Pre-Archive - This list contains cards from the Done list after a period of time has elapsed. The Pre-Archive list is emptied every-so-often. They're there as a courtesy before being archived off into oblivion. We're always on the lookout for new members to join our team, and having underpinning knowledge of Trello is a great first step!
  8. Akkarin

    Recent Updates

    Screenshots of recently updated UI controls and/or elements.
  9. We've made some great progress over the last few days and I'm pleased to announce some new systems for Lust. Alliances Still has a long way to go until I'm satisfied with it but for now, you can create your own Alliance or join one that someone else has created. Achievements This particular system has been looming ever-closer on our Trello board, but after a brief brainwave whilst making a cup of coffee today, we now have a fully functional (and easily expandable) Achievement system. At present, there are only passive achievements (reaches x amount of gold, x amount of successful scares, x amount of trains/courses in the pit/academy, etc) which are working wonderfully. Additional "active" achievements for elements of the game such as creating an alliance, performing your first player search, reading the Evening Flame, etc, are all on a very long list to implement gradually, but will still be in the game before General Availability. Casino The fist "in-game" game, if you will, is the Under-National Lottery. Each ticket costs 500g - the more you buy, the greater your chance of winning the pot! The pot consists of the number of tickets purchased x 500g, plus 500g awarded by the system. The draw is automatic and takes place at 8pm every Friday night. Stay tuned for some more great updates coming soon!
  10. Akkarin

    Feature Showcase

    New features can be seen in this album.
  11. Well you know what they say; "Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind!". The I-I homepage has always just been a list of icons that serve no real purpose (because you've already got them all bookmarked, right?), so there's been a bit of a tidy-up. The games section at the top has been given some new game images and a caption area for each game, listing the type (mobile app, browser, downloadable client) and the game's genre. The links will stay the same for now until the game directory pages are finished. This will go a long way to make our homepage look far more professional that it was before. The other noticeable changes are a new navigation bar at the top of the page and a news reel to display all the latest feature announcements from all sub-areas of the forums.
  12. Update: The Guild Name is Backdoor not Progenies Infernalis, it has changed!
  13. Akkarin

    New Forums for Lust

    We now have a location outside of the in-game chat for everyone to share thoughts and ideas, submit feedback, or just talk a load of ol' bullcrap. The main forums index can be reached at https://community.industrial-illusions.net/ or for Lust specific areas, bookmark https://community.industrial-illusions.net/forum/29-lust/ in your bookmark bar
  14. Hello Dear PornRo Players. Progenies Infernalis is Looking for new members to bring life in this Server, everyone is welcome. Also Need someone who can put an Emblem in there i just cant do it for some reason. Stay Kinky
  15. Thank you so much Akkarin it worked!! i hope this is an ok place to post this sorry for the Troubles im not very good on those Things, thanks again
  16. 1. This is not a support topic that you've hi-jacked. 2. This is not the support area - you should use the Service Desk (there's a link on these forums, or on the PornRO site). 3. There's a character reset option on the website when you login for you to do this yourself.
  17. hey, my character just got stuck and i cant log in anymore…. i was Talking to an npc in payon called maroll battle recruiter, she asked me if i wanna join the battle so i said yes and then an error came… and i cant log back in with that character… please help character is Named Menardi if that helps...
  18. It's on the right-hand side of the forums' main page. I might put it in the footer, too!
  19. huhu where did you find it? i cant find any discord
  20. Actually scratch that I found it.
  21. Hi, I'm pretty new to Porn RO but I've played iRO and a few other private servers last time. I was wondering if there was a discord server for Porn RO as I've got a few questions to ask about the game settings and stuff. I could ask it here I suppose but if theres a discord server I could join it'll be a lot better. The main question I wanted to ask was how to get the resolution right. No matter how I tweak the settings the UI always comes out really small. I've got 4k resolution and my OS is windows 10.
  22. Dear PornRO Players, Our servers will be offline for around an hour from 15:00 GMT +/- 0 to implement changes. Once the scheduled maintenance period is complete, a patch list will be available in the Announcements area on our forums.
  23. this is a bug? i thought i opened it without the keys & went wasted
  24. Throw this onto the Service Desk so I can credit your account with CashPoints for finding a bug
  25. How do we obtain the keys to open these boxes? each time i open them, nothing
  26. Akkarin

    Patch Notes: 2020-04-17

    PornRO Enabled non-linear class changes in Job Master. Added Locked Treasure Box drop. Information on this item can be found under "Information" on the main website navigation. Seasonal Event prep. Structured our files to easily enable/manage our seasonal events. Added duplicatecreate/remove script command. Item Drop, Pick and Use Events for use in quests and instances. Increased Max Guild Lvl to 99, Max Guild Positions to 30 and Max Guild Members to 200. Default walking speed has been increased. Max Fame List now displays the Top 20 instead of Top 10 for Alchemists, Blacksmiths and Taekwon classes. Added a new command to allow remote reloading of the Cash Shop by NPCs for controlled events. rAthena Fixed vending and chatrooms checking for NPCs nearby. Fixed duplicated skill status check when switching weapons
  27. Akkarin

    Patch Notes: 2020-04-15

    PornRO Updates * VIP Enabled. Please see the info page for available perks. * Dungeon Guards added to protect the entrance of low-level dungeons. * Added some automation tools to allow easier updating (automated backups, scripted map-cache update, scripted SQL DB updates). * Enabled the following channels: #global, #support, #trade, #events, #spam. * Channel Controller in Prontera can automatically enable any of these channels for you when you log in. * World Boss mechanic added. Required kills are currently 10,000 for an MvP to spawn in a random field map. * WoE Control scripts added. WoE will be made available during the Alpha Test phase. * Added generic private server scripts: Warper, Job Master, Healer, Stylist, Resetter, Platinum Skills. * Additional Kafras have been sent to central Prontera and Lutie. * Trade Broker system has been added. See the info page. * Added Player @Commands. See the info page. * Morocc and associated NPCs have been rolled back to match Episode 11.3 content. * NPC placed in Novice Grounds that gives the option to warp straight to Prontera as 15/10 Novice. rAthena Updates * Umbala Domestic Dispute quest has been updated. If there are any issues with these updates, please create a ticket in the Service Desk.
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