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  • Patch Notes: 2021-05-11


    The following information describes the changes made today that affect the game's mechanics.

    • Max Base Level has increased from 99 to 250 for Transcendent Classes. 1st and 2nd Job Classes will remain at 99.
    • Rates have increased:
      • Base and Job EXP have increased to 200x
      • Drop rates for Common, Healable, Equips and Extras have increased to 100x
    • VIP Rates have also increased:
      • Base and Job EXP have increased to 250x
      • Drop rates for Common, Healable, Equips and Extras have increased to 130x
    • Max Parameters have increased from 99 to 150 for Transcendent Classes. As mentioned in the initial announcement, I said it would be re-assessed.
    • Max ASPD will increase from 198 to 199.

    Congrats, game mechanics are now unbalanced. All this because some of you wanted to solo MvPs and then wouldn't shut up about it.


    Other Changes

    • Camilla has been rewritten and optimised, shortening the code by almost 50%.
    • Added a Player Housing instance. Purchase your House Keys in Caspen. Info on website soon.
    • Positioned Sister Vic in prt_church,184,15 for players to buy the new priest merc. Take note of item desc!!!
    • Moved the Prontera Castle Flags to north of the central area.
    • Removed the Rate Change channel announce.
    • Reorganised @rates so the text fits nicely without needing to wrap.

    Note: There will be no Scheduled Maintenance next Tuesday (18th May).

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