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  • Patch Notes: 2021-05-04


    NPC/Script Changes

    • Duplicated castle manager to Prontera.
    • Fixed Moscovia and re-enabled warp.
    • Installed mapflags to prevent dead branches from being used in Caspen.
    • Enabled both Seiyablem and Leablem Socket Enchant NPCs.
    • Guild Storage management NPCs.
    • Guild Master's dialogue has been re-organised to better fit the window.
    • Re-introduced the Guild Storage skill to Pre-RE. The skill itself is still under tests.
    • Fixed potential crash on BG queue.
    • Added Smith (casp_in01,178,276) to turn 1 Emperium into 5 Emperium Shards.
    • Loaded the Camilla script for costume headgears.
    • Enabled King of Prontera quests for Grand Circlet and Excalibur.
    • Added more itemlink code to Camilla.
    • An automated announcement will now be made for scheduled maintenance.
      • Set to go off at specific times on Tuesday mornings.
      • The announcement colours gradually turn from green to red as 11am approaches.
    • Various mapflags applied to the Poring Catcher map.
      • They no longer drop items.
      • They don't give EXP.
      • You can no longer open a chatroom or vend on the map.
    • Some of the automated event scripts no longer announce globally, instead they use the #events channel.

    DB Changes

    • Corrected price overrides for Quivers.
    • Updated for May's Attendance.
    • Finalised updates to Locked Treasure Box. Patch released for item description.
    • Added Fur (6020) as a drop to Wolf (1013).
    • Changed UNITTEST7 from Merch to Rogue for use with Camilla.
    • Added base Buy: price to costumes to stop the mapserver screaming at me.
    • Merged Costume Flapping Angel Wing and Costume Elven Ears from RE to Pre-RE DB.
    • Set Weight to 0 for Treasure Box, Key and Emperium Shards.
    • Reduced respawn time on Ant Eggs in Anthell from 1min to 3sec.

    Client Changes
    New client (3.7) uses an increased headgear/costume view_id limit from 2,000 to 32,000.
    Fixed glitches with various Mage class AoE skills.


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