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  • Patch Notes: 2021-04-27


    Apologies for the lengthy downtime today!

    NPC/Script Changes

    • The Level-Gap for Party Share EXP has been increased from 15 to 25.
    • Added a small PVP area with utility NPCs, access via PVP Warper in Caspen and Prontera.
    • Added utility NPCs to Caspen.
    • Added Server's Current Time NPCs to Prontera and Caspen.
    • Implemented Caspen's warps and mapflags.
    • Minor grammar errors fixed in Settings NPC.
    • Created an NPC script to trade Ori and Elu for Enriched versions
      • Located in ein_in01,202,14.
      • Requires 1 Gold, 1 Elunium/Oridecon and 200,000z.
    • Re-added Moscovia back to @go and Warper.
    • Added @go 26/ @go caspen and correct spawn location.
    • Added NPC for Card Compactor event script. This will go live on Thursday.
    • Disabled default Dye Maker - now using our own. You will need Dyes to make alternate versions of the new costume items.
    • Added lottery script, auto-runs at 20:45 on Thursdays.
    • @storage changes
      • Enabled 4 Quest Storage and VIP Storage, quest is now in Caspen.
      • The @storage command doesn't give you a menu if you haven't obtained any Quest Storage.
      • The option for VIP storage is only available after you gain access to Quest Storage 1. If you lose VIP status you can still take items out of this storage but can no longer drop items into it.
    • The Prontera Tool Dealer now sells Alchemist and Blacksmith tools.
    • Weapon Dealer in Prontera now sells various Quivers priced at 1,200z each.
    • A new WoE Manager NPC has been placed in Prontera that displays which castles are active.
      • The vote on the forums called for the times to remain the same but add another castle. So pay_cas02 will also be active.
      • Castles will no longer rotate/fake-rotate every-other Sunday.

    DB Changes

    • Fixed incorrect wing weight 100 -> 10.
    • Cash Shop price for Treasure Key increased from 10 to 50. 100 was way too much. This price will not be changing again any time soon.
    • Fixed the View_ID on custom Valkyrie Helm.
    • Adding 120 new costumes. The NPC for these will go live in Caspen on Thursday.
    • Reduced number of mobs that are spawned in Niflheim and removed the built-in Invasion script.
    • Reduced the number of Hunter Fly and Familiar on lower-level dungeon maps.
    • Removed hateful Mimic from all floors in Morocc Pyramid Dungeon.
    • Reduced number of Kasa spawning in thor_v01.
    • Increased drop rate of all usable, equip and etc items to 20x.
    • Monsters now drop Zeny. It's not large enough to cause an imbalance, but we'll review in a week.

    Client Changes

    • Various item sprites have been patched over the last week.
    • Card BMPs have been.. Porn-ified.
    • Female Paladin on a Peco is now completely naked.
    • Other classes have lost various garments which will be reflected on the website shortly after this patch notice goes live.

    Web Changes

    • Buying CashPoints no longer has the description "PornRO", it's now just "pRO Credits".
    • The issue with automated CashPoints/VIP has been resolved. You now get them automatically within 5 minutes of completing the transaction.


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