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  • Patch Notes: 2021-04-20


    There's been quite a few surprises lately. The next is that Scheduled Maintenance is back to it's original schedule (partially my fault that no one realised, and partially everyone else's fault for not reading the forums)

    Client Changes

    • 127 Hair Colours!
    • Palette Offsets, because security.
    • 700 Clothing Dyes!
    • Remove cutin from Stylist. It doesn't match.


    NPC/DB Changes

    • Settings NPC to control what autocommands you use when you login.
    • NPC script for controlling Increased EXP and Drop Rate Events.
    • Temporarily reduced the price of Locked Treasure Keys.
    • Resolved issues with @go command.
    • Removed @professions command, since we don't need it just yet.
    • Split the custom Item DB into multiple files for easy viewing and editing.
    • Fixed mob drop index calculation.
    • Fixed pet eggs in the cashshop (if we ever put them in there).
    • Fixed wrong node name access for pet db.
    • Disables costumes on GvG maps.
    • Added a check for required inventory slots.
    • Resolved an issue with starting maps.
    • Updated some mapflags for custom maps.


    Website Changes

    • You may have noticed that the patcher now displays the patch notes in human readable format. Huzzah! (fucking rss feeds..)
    • The page detailing available @commands has been given some TLC: https://porn-ro.com/info/commands/


    Edited by Akkarin

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