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  • Patch Notes: 2021-04-14


    So, quite a lot has occured over the last week, resulting in some rather large patches. The following lists as many of the PornRO changes as I could remember to write down before I lost some of my post-it notes!

    Script/NPC Changes

    • Modified savepoint for all Kafras enabled in our server. They now match up with the warper's landing coordinates.
    • @command modifications:
      • @go has been enabled for normal player accounts.
      • @go locations match with the warper's landing coordinates.
      • Enabled @storage which will only open storage_1 (there is a quest in Caspen to have 4 storages). If you're VIP you will get a menu asking which storage you want to open.
    • Modified NPC locations of Dr. Phloss and the Warper in every map they exist in.
    • Added a Kafra to Hugel and other town maps that officially only have Cool Event Corp reps.
    • Warper now allows you to select which dungeon floor or field you want to go to.
    • Archer Village added as a separate warp location under the "Specials" warper menu.
    • Added Card Remover (Wise Old Woman)
      • Location 1; Payon next to the Tool Dealer (west of warper spawn).
      • Location 2; Inside Hollgrehenn's building in Prontera.
      • 100% success rate.
      • Costs Zeny plus 1 Star Crumb and 1 Yellow Gemstone per item decarded.
    • Attendance System is now available and will change monthly. Details can be found on the website.
    • Cart/Falcon NPC now exists in Prontera.
    • Prontera's Platinum Skills NPC is now facing the correct direction.
    • Plagiarism NPC has been given a facelift and moved slightly.
    • Updated Locked Treasure Box with actual items.

    Client Changes

    • Increased chat size limit from 70 to 234
      • Main/Battle chat bar & windows.
      • Chat Room chat bar & window.
    • Added Attendance System.
    • Hidden SNS and Tipbox Buttons.
    • Hidden the generally useless Map button.
    • Prontera has been given a facelift.
    • Through some secret black magic, some of the NPCs in towns have been given wings.
    • Updated Battleground tip text and available options in preparation for future updates.
    • Client now opens the computer's default web browser when clicking on an item's ID in the description.

    Web Changes

    • Discord link has now been added to the page footer.
    • Attendance System now has a page that lists what's on offer
    • Updated TinyMCE package to version 5 where appropriate.
    • Fixed random homepage errors where "Latest News" lives.
    • Online Peak now records and displays correctly.


    There are a vast number of changes introduced by rAthena which are not covered here, because they don't directly reflect gameplay.


    Edited by Akkarin

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