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    Patch Notes: 2020-04-15


    PornRO Updates

    * VIP Enabled. Please see the info page for available perks.

    * Dungeon Guards added to protect the entrance of low-level dungeons.

    * Added some automation tools to allow easier updating (automated backups, scripted map-cache update, scripted SQL DB updates).

    * Enabled the following channels: #global, #support, #trade, #events, #spam.

    * Channel Controller in Prontera can automatically enable any of these channels for you when you log in.

    * World Boss mechanic added. Required kills are currently 10,000 for an MvP to spawn in a random field map.

    * WoE Control scripts added. WoE will be made available during the Alpha Test phase.

    * Added generic private server scripts: Warper, Job Master, Healer, Stylist, Resetter, Platinum Skills.

    * Additional Kafras have been sent to central Prontera and Lutie.

    * Trade Broker system has been added. See the info page.

    * Added Player @Commands. See the info page.

    * Morocc and associated NPCs have been rolled back to match Episode 11.3 content.

    * NPC placed in Novice Grounds that gives the option to warp straight to Prontera as 15/10 Novice.


    rAthena Updates

    * Umbala Domestic Dispute quest has been updated.


    If there are any issues with these updates, please create a ticket in the Service Desk.

    Edited by Akkarin

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