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    While we've been working hard on developing the game's framework, we're also been working hard on making sure everything is catalogued. The easiest way to do this is by using Trello!

    Trello is an amazing website that allows us to keep everything organised. Split into six different columns (called lists) we're able to update the cards with checklists, images, link git commits, attach files, etc so everything is neat and tidy. Here's a list of the... lists.. and their purpose:

    1. New Features - Any new ideas for the game or planned maintenance starts in this list for discussion and fleshing out the details.
    2. In-Progress - This list is a comprehensive.. list.. of all mechanics and frameworks that are being worked on. This can be graphical or codebase.
    3. Fine Tuning - This list is designed for codebase changes. Cards in this list are in need of some small updates in order to tweak a mechanic.
    4. UI Clean-Ups - Graphical enhancements end up in here after they've been through the first and second lists. Cards stay in this list until they're pixel-perfect.
    5. Done - Cards that are completed end up in the done pile. Pretty self-explanatory!
    6. Pre-Archive - This list contains cards from the Done list after a period of time has elapsed. The Pre-Archive list is emptied every-so-often. They're there as a courtesy before being archived off into oblivion.

    We're always on the lookout for new members to join our team, and having underpinning knowledge of Trello is a great first step! 


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