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  • Quest System


    The Quest System has finally arrived, bringing with it a sense of progression and achievement (and actual achievements). What could be more satisfying than seeing which number Quest you're currently working on and comparing that to the Quest that other players are on?


    Quest Types

    • Main Progression
    • Random Quests
    • Seasonal Quests



    1.png.206df0d78ec7b9a49e28af86b563ab10.png  2.png.95ecd6583dd0d94b57217ab69553364d.png  3.png.50d3bc617475dc940a23b59f1b08bc83.png

    Main Progression

    The Main Progression quest line is how you evaluate your progression through the game. While Lust is not specifically intended to have a linear style of gameplay, the Main Progression quest line keeps your character development semi-on-track. There is no requirement to complete quests and you're capable of playing Lust without intentionally completing a single one, though you will out on the rewards!


    Currently there are 25 Main Progression quests in the database, which will increase to between 250 and 300 just before Lust's General Availability in February 2021.



    7.png.639f3f130c13abb51426126a787a4a08.png  8.png.4f42e3eba5ac9b7db4f881007c459d40.png  10.png.32d6e6f7947570a18670273a13f765da.png

    Random Quests

    There are currently 10 different "Random Quests" that appear at random, randomly. It's far less confusing than that - Along with your player's Main Progression Quest, you will also have a Random Quest active at the same time. When you complete the Random Quest (for example, by using an item that you're asked for) then the quest will complete, you will get your reward, a notification will appear in your notifications list, then you will be given another Random Quest from the the quest table. The formula for which quest you're given is:

    $quest_next_query = $mysqli->query("SELECT * FROM `quests` WHERE `quest_group` = 'random'"); 
    $qarray = array();
    while($qd = $quest_next_query->fetch_assoc()){
    	array_push($qarray, $qd['quest_id']);
    $count_in_array = count($qarray);
    $quest_to_give = $qarray[rand(1, $count_in_array) - 1];

    For the non-tech players, this basically builds an array of available Random Quests, counts how many there are, then selects one purely at random.



    SpellBook08_45.png.92ac8608b095b10d94910b3725b8d5cb.png  SpellBook08_05.png.1ea85900567944e6beb11311cfaf8bdb.png  SpellBook08_44.png.072fa2df17b8d783bcbbb662563a3050.png

    Seasonal Quests

    The Seasonal Quests are quite literally just that. They are only available during specific times of the year. The current Seasonal Quest sets available are:

    • Valentine's Day
    • Spring Equinox
    • Summer Solstice
    • Samhain/Halloween
    • Winter Solstice/Christmas

    More Seasonal Quests will be added as time goes on.


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