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    Since the beginning of Lust's development players have had the opportunity to choose a class. This has now all changed.


    Prior to the update there used to be 12 different classes available for players to choose from, which could be changed at any time by the player. These classes has specific stat boosts and through early testing of the game they worked well enough. A player could choose a particular class based on the equipment they're wearing, for example some heavy armour would provide a boost to Power and Endurance, so a player could switch to a class that provides Intelligence and/or Agility in order to give themselves some well-rounded stats. During testing of the Arena battling system, this was deemed to provide players with an unfair advantage.

    After the update, all players are now known simply as an "Entity" that exists in the Underworld. For this reason, Avatars have been introduced for some practical customisation.



    They are selectable from the Settings Cog at the bottom of the Main Menu and will display in the player HUD, the Arena, Demon Mail, Notifications and Trade screens. Basically, anywhere that a player's name is shown, the chosen avatar will also be displayed. The exception to this is the High Scores Appendices in the Book of Lore.

    There are currently 10 to choose to from, with plans to expand the selection in the future.

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