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  • Book of Lore


    The Book of Lore's history is a turbulent one. Initially it was the name given to the wiki, but after reflection that didn't seem to make much sense. So we made it a book that you could open from within the game UI.




    So what does it do?

    When you first open the book you are presented with the contents page. Clicking the links will take you to the relevant chapters that contain various information.





    A complete list of achievements are available for players to sift through, giving you the ability to easily plan your next goal. Everything in the Book of Lore is searchable too, which means all you'd need is just a little part of the name or description and you can drill-down the results that way. This list does not display your personal achievements - they are listed through their own page.





    Items are a huge deal with any game. The Items chapter is live database data, and again, completely searchable, allowing you to find what you need. Additional item related data will be added on an as-and-when basis e.g. average buy/sell price, description, stats, etc.





    The hugeness of the Quests framework is mostly ignored from the front-end of Lust. Even the Book of Lore only mentions sparse details about each quest. But the Quest DB is searchable!




    High Scores

    At the time of writing this announcement, the High Scores chapter only lists players by level and displays their Player Name (with a link to their profile) and when their last action was. 


    So much more information will be added to this little gem of a tool, aiding your playing experience so you can spend more time having fun and spend less time trying to figure out what to do next!



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